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Services Companies, SMEs and freelance workers easily handle their business with Proconsi's management programmes and ERP systems

Cybersecurity and computer systems

We offer a set of solutions in cybersecurity and systems adapted to your company for a safe development of your activity.

The systems are the basis on which all the information technologies are established, that is why a good design and implementation are fundamental for its correct functioning.


Our professionals respond to specific needs, providing ideas and indicating the most appropriate systems and cybersecurity solutions at all times so that all types of companies, SMEs and freelancers can focus on their main activity. In addition, we must bear in mind that one of the main values of the company lies in the information, therefore, the protection of it must be one of our priorities. In Proconsi we have been involved for several years in tasks of awareness and protection of the computer systems of our customers. We have products and services that increase security, so that our customers can benefit from all the technological advances, at the same time as having the most adequate security measures with the minimum possible impact for daily work.


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Managed security

Cybersecurity for your company. Our managed security services provide peace of mind for SMEs and freelancers. Our technicians monitor and act proactively on the health of information systems, while working on the security layer, reacting in the same way to cyber attacks, in order to maintain the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information, the element of greatest value within the company.

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Online backup

Backup copies are essential to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. A hardware failure, a human error, a malware, among others, can ruin years of work if there is no good backup policy. Our solution of backup in the cloud, not only ensures the correct outsourcing of information safely, but it is also monitored, which allows us to verify that copies are made correctly.

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Computer security audits

Are your systems properly secured? Our team of specialized cybersecurity technicians will perform an audit of your systems, submitting them to different tests that will allow us to verify if they are correctly configured and updated. Our audits not only focus on the technical part, we also work on the human side, since all the security measures that we put in will always be few if we do not sensitize people to minimize the risk of being victims of cybercriminals.

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Web vulnerability analysis

Electronic commerce and cloud services are experiencing exponential growth. Increasingly, the use of web applications for access to company information from anywhere, as well as the development of online stores to expand the business to other markets. Our technicians are specialized in the analysis of web vulnerabilities, which will allow you to solve security problems, proactively, before they become a risk to the business.

Computer systems

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Installation and maintenance

Computer systems are the first step when facing the implementation of a computer solution; for this reason, a correct analysis of the technological needs of the company is very important in order to properly dimension the hardware and the type of network that must be installed.

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We offer our customers all types of hardware, from servers to desktop computers, UPS, screens, laptops, tablets, digital printing systems, etc. Marketing and communication.

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Virtualization and cloud

Those companies that cannot afford downtime increasingly demand virtualization, high availability of systems and services in the cloud. Our technicians are specialized in the analysis and implementation of these types of solutions, always looking for the environments that best suit the particular case of each company, implementing virtualized environments of private cloud and/or hybrid cloud.

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The electronic mail has become one of the most used technological tools; we could say that it is essential. However, its management is a pending issue in many SMEs, since there is a large amount of information stored exclusively in the email programs. Our technicians will help you design a mail solution suited to your particular needs.

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