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Robotics, drones and artificial vision

With our tailor-made robotic solutions, your production processes efficiency increases.

Our team of experts in robotics, drones and image recognition systems develops personalized solutions capable of satisfying the needs of any company, no matter what field it belongs to:


- Artificial vision counting systems for public concurrency and transport for passengers environments.
- Systems of image recognition associated to perimeter security plans
- Counting and quality control systems, for industries with a large volume of stocking
- Systems of control and measurement of the irrigation level, plague existence, properties differentiation, etc.
- Systems for the recognition of structural or technical problems in the building industry.
- Counting systems for the fishing sector.

We have a wide variety of solution whose versatility and efficiency, allow a fast high-performance answer.

Robotics Solutions

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We develop robotics solutions based on drone technology, such as the 4FLY application for mobile devices, which allows you to control several drones from different manufacturers and pilot them using virtual reality.

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