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Food distributing companies management software | Nedco

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Nedco is the food distributing companies management software that need to carry out a complete analysis of the business and an easy and intuitive control of the manufacture and distribution of food and ready-made products.

It is a multi-company ERP system that manages stock through lot numbers and expirations with both product and document traceability. The programme also includes billing management.

With the food software, Nedco effectively controls customer services, clients and supplier deposits, lorry load management, stock breakdowns and other specific operations in the food and beverage distribution sector.


  • Billing types management
  • Order management and lorry loads.
  • Promotion management in a range of products.
  • Creation of special prices and offers. 
  • Customer routing management.
  • Consumption register and manufacturing phases.
  • Boxes and locations tagging.
  • Integration with accounting programs.
Food distributing companies management software | Nedco

Get to know Nedco, the best software for food manufacturing and distribution management and control.

Nedco is the simplest and most complete ERP food distribution software for efficient management of your business. It has specific modules for meat, daily and agricultural sector. 

It is an integral software of food distribution that allows orders and lorry loads management in a fast and intuitive way, taking control of delivered and pending orders, reports of stock breakdowns, generation of loading sheets, invoices, bills and movements between warehouses. 


Get more control of the offers, giving detail about the discounts and gifts that are applied to each customer or supplier in the purchase-sale, and quickly identifying reasons for gift giving and measurement units which you want to complete the operation with. 


Nedco deals with each product in a specific way, adapting to its own characteristics (expiration, price, etc.), to be able to monitor products or lots' traceability at all times. It has specific modules of meat manufacture with treatment of hams, cold or processed meat and dairy production of butters, yogurts, cheeses, etc. 


The application links with different mobility solutions orientated to the monitoring of the sales force, distribution, sales and stock control in the warehouse. Its integration with the accounting programme Alfastar, also allows you to take complete accounting of your business, treasury management, collection and payment remittances and tax clearance.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications



Nedco-Cárnico, is an application designed for the exploitation of companies in the meat sector, allowing the management of all their products by means of fixed weights, weight with deviation and units, as well as integrating the weight capture from scales in all the treatment processes of the articles.


  • Management of two modalities of productive process: cutting and elaborated product.
  • To integrate scales to control weights in all merchandise treatment processes.
  • Waste management.
  • Quality management: control of incidents in processes.
  • Traceability management: control of livestock by knowing animal origin, raw material input, production process and sale of processed products, semi-finished or obtained by cutting. Control via lots and batches.
  • Incoming products quality data control: Individual identification per animal.
  • Input quality data control: temperature, conditions of transport, etc.
  • Control of sales derived from an entry (skins, offal, etc.).
  • Barcode reading system integration: EAN and GS1 formats.
  • Supplier quality data rating.
  • Control over killings in slaughterhouses.
  • Different product packaging formats.
  • Products in the dryer management: control of items, stay time in the dryer.



Nedco–Lácteo, is an application designed for the exploitation of companies in the diary sector, having the possibility to carry out a complete management of each production stage with controls on manufacturing, as well as creating the same according to the quality controls.


  • Correlation between internal and supplier batches.
  • Auxiliary material labelling.
  • Manufacturing orders creation according to milk reception.
  • Production track through manufacturing phases.
  • Theoretical costs and real costs.
  • Data collection from several sources of inputs and outputs.
  • Box and location labelling.
  • A consumers and manufacturing phases register through portable bar code readers or touch screen terminals.
  • Shipping, filling, packaging and palletizing with touch screen terminals or scales.
  • Monitoring and control of lot reports.
Nedco will help you carry out an easy and intuitive control of the manufacture and distribution of food and processed products

Nedco will help you carry out an easy and intuitive control of the manufacture and distribution of food and processed products

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