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We are specialists in software solutions for business management.

We are specialists in software solutions for business management.

We are experts in offering the best software solutions for our client's business management. In the last decades, we have become a technological leader with a cutting edge in ICT solutions.

Get to know us! Proconsi is a business focused on Information and Communication Technologies and specialized in developing and integrating computer solutions for all types of businesses. More than three decades of experience support not only a flexible, but responsible company. It is composed of a multidisciplinary team with over 120 highly qualified experts, committed to a unique aim: to find the exact technological solution for each customer. Proconsi is a specialist in creating and developing administration software, technology consultancy, direction and management in R+D+i projects based on ICT's, technical support, mobile applications and promoting trends towards new technologies, such as cloud computing.


Over 5.000 customers in the national and international market ensure the solid experience of an innovative company, which has received prestigious awards and quality certificates, and which is also socially responsible.


Proconsi is a technological leader, which is in process of expansion. With a maintained steady average annual growth in recent years and a continuous expansion in Research, Developing and Innovation (R+D+i), the company strengthens its national position and opens doors to new borders in Europe, Latin America and Africa. As a consequence, the workforce is constantly enlarging in order to enrich the investigation, refine the innovation projects and offload the most accurate technological tools in the ICT market. This way, Proconsi's clients manage to change their business in highly competitive and profitable companies within their own field.


Our strongest point is to create a dynamic and motivated group of professionals, who enjoy teamwork. Human value is more important than the technological one and, because of this, the people who work in the company represent the enthusiasm and effort put into the emergence of technological solutions.



Proconsi's offices are a place where to feel comfortable sharing ideas, promoting interaction and favouring conversations.


Proconsi's culture is based in three strategic pillars: human factor, innovation and quality.


Only this way the best service is provided to the client. Proconsi's essence is the commitment to be responsible and people's confidence. The company's mission is to raise competitiveness in small, medium-sized and large companies through technological solutions, to optimize mobility, to boost the latest insights on technology, and creating our own software under its brand of quality and business responsibility. In other words, to satisfy new technological needs which are beyond our clients' expectations.


Proconsi's aim is to become a company of national and international reference in the development and implantation of innovative technological solutions for the development of businesses making the most of the R+D+i possibilities in the ICT field, promoting the latest ICT trends and improving the technological consultancy services. In order to achieve this, our values give place to our own business culture and guide their behaviour.



Corporate Social Responsibility: an opportunity to contribute to the society' sustainable development.


In Proconsi's over three decades of life, it has gained a place in society. Because of this, one of the company's strategic aims is to be responsible. Corporate Social Responsibility must be geared towards a synergy between profitability and sustainable development. An opportunity to contribute with society's sustainable development: our COMMITMENTS.


Financial commitment: we reinvest generated resources in financing future projects allowing the company's growth, financial development and employment creation.


Environmental commitment: we foster environmental protection and conservation through the prevention of pollution, the implementation of the 3R's (reduce, recycle and reuse), promoting respect amongst employees and continuous assessment on the environmental risk in all the activities.


Clients and Partners: we develop products and innovative services, which contribute to improve clients' lives through new technologies, which boost time or petrol saving; ensure the products' security; or enhances clients’ training through courses.


Social: we foster technological solutions, which boost, amongst others, health improvement or access to culture, enhancing a sustainable and efficient lifestyle amongst the society in which it takes part of.


Proconsi develops its activities in a responsible and transparent way rising solidarity and humanity initiatives. Since our startup, we have always tried to contribute with solidarity, humanity and social causes, cooperating with different associations, organizations and NGOs, such as Médicos Sin Fronteras, Afim, Cruz Roja, Aldeas Infantiles, Aecc, Fundación Josep Carreras o Acnur. 


Do you want to visit our headqueaters? Come over for a visit! 


Proconsi's offices are a place in which to feel comfortable sharing ideas, promoting interaction and favouring conversation. Get to know our building.

Satisfied customers

Merca Rodríguez - Mercedes Amigo
Efficiency, professionalism and speed in the service, in addition to a point of humanity from the staff of Proconsi.
Productos Petrolíferos del Norte - Roberto Ceballos
Meet the needs of any company in the hydrocarbons sector globally, he has a technical support which is very good at the level of response time and knowledge.
Combustibles del Estrecho - Francisco Zafra
Fuelsoft is a complete, versatile and in continuous upgrade program. Us allows you to manage different activities as the station of service, shop and Cafe.
Pizzería La Competencia - Javier Prieto
Good service, we are very pleased because we monetize our work time.

Satisfaction rates

94% of our clients are pleased with Proconsi.

75% of the clients have a positive perception of our products and services.

95% of the clients are happy with the offered service by our technical team.

98% 98% of our incidences are solved within less than 12 hours.

 Would you like to visit our facilities?

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